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New features on c# 6.0

Microsoft released c# 6.0 and today we will talk about some new features of c# 6.0

Auto Property Initializers

We are able to set a value when initializers a property.

Primary Constructors

We can set first values while creating and object from class.

Static Metod Without a Namespace

We are able to use static methods directly after defined method namespace in using block.

Dictionary Initializers

We are able o declare a dictionary with more readable style.

Monadic Null Checking

We are able to check object is null or not with ? operator.

Await in Catch and Finally block

Before c# 6.0 we are able to use await keyword in try block but not in catch and finally block, in c# 6.0 we are able to use await in anywhere.



So, what do you think ?