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Flickr Search App with Angular.js Part 1

Hello everyone,

Here i am with my first blog post in London. Today i will develop flicker photo search application using Angularjs. I will use flickr API to search photos by tag you can check details here. I will use npm and bower for managing libraries therefore as a first step i will run “npm init”  and “bower init” to create package.json and bower.json.

In app.js file we will initialize angular first module and add first controller with name MainCtrl, you can find app.js codes below.

As you can see flickr api returns data as a jsonp, thats why i am using $http.jsonp to get data from api. After we initialize angular application now its time download libraries via bower. Following terms will install libraries via bower.

Now we are ready to create index.html with following codes.

You can see live demo here and you can download source code here.

As a next step i will write tests using Karma,Jasmine,Phantomjs and i will check test coverage with Istanbul. You can find next tutorial here.


So, what do you think ?