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New features on c# 6.0

Microsoft released c# 6.0 and today we will talk about some new features of c# 6.0

Auto Property Initializers

We are able to set a value when initializers a property.

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How to develop C# Applications on Mac OSX

Asp.Net 5 RC Released at November 2015 and have a big changes on Microsoft Community, i already listed some of great features at my previous blog post here. Today i will show you how to develop asp.net applications using C# on Mac OSX.

You can watch my video to see how we can develop C# applications on Mac OSX.


Scheduled Tasks in Asp.Net with Quartz.Net

In this post i will show you how to create a scheduled tasks easily with Quartz.Net library.As a first step we will create  an empty asp.net web application.

We can manually download quartz library dll and add as a reference or we can use nuget package manager to install necessary files. You can open nuget package manager console like below image.


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Asp.Net Web API with MVC 6

The latest version of Microsoft web technologies Asp.Net 5 and Mvc 6 have very big differences.

You can find some of  this new features below

  • ASP.NET vNext includes new cloud-optimized versions of MVC 6, Web API 3, Web Pages 4, SignalR 3, and Entity Framework 7.
  • Now Mvc has no dependency to System.Web dll.
  • There is a project.json instead of classic global.asax file.
  • There is Ioc container to manage all dependencies
  • Project structure is more modern and have some javascript tools like gulp.
  • Finally all these Microsoft technologies are open source and cross platform, so we are able to develop apps on Linux or Mac.

Now we will build and Web API on MVC 6 structure.

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Asp.Net Web API Token Based Authentication

Today i will try to explain how to use token based authendtication on asp.net web api 2 restful service projects. Restful service architecture very populer because it’s very light and implemantation is very easy.  Other big advantage of restful services is, it gives us a chance to service our data to all platforms including mobile devices, web projects, televisions etc.

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