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Flickr Search App with Angular.js Part 2

In previous post i’ve built flickr search app with angularjs you can read here. In this tutorial i will show you how to test application with Karma, Jasmine, Phantomjs.

I will use npm to download necessary libraries. You can find npm terms below.

After download Karma, i need to initialize karma with “karma init” to create karma.conf.js.

I will create test->unit->flickrAngularAppUnitSpec.js file to write test with following code.

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Flickr Search App with Angular.js Part 1

Hello everyone,

Here i am with my first blog post in London. Today i will develop flicker photo search application using Angularjs. I will use flickr API to search photos by tag you can check details here. I will use npm and bower for managing libraries therefore as a first step i will run “npm init”  and “bower init” to create package.json and bower.json.

In app.js file we will initialize angular first module and add first controller with name MainCtrl, you can find app.js codes below.

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Interceptors in Angular.js

Today we will focus how to use interceptor in angular.js to create a control mechanism for http requests and responses.

Lets start coding, as a first step i’ve created interceptor object with request , response and responseError functions you can find code below.

In interceptor object we defined what we want to to in request, response and responseError situations, now we will create a basic angular application like below.

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Promise in Angular

Async programming is very populer in programming community especially for back-end developers but not as much as  front-end developers (client side programming) . Javascript is growing very fast and async programing is a must for front-end developers now.

Javascript have some technic to use async programming. First one is a callback functions but if you have more then 3 functions working async ,callback functions starting to be hard to manage.

At this point promise helps us a build async functions with clean and readable code. There are some promise algorithms such as  Q or Bluebird. Angular using Q promise with $q service and today we will look how $q works in Angular.

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Ionic Framework


   In this tutorial i want to write about ionic framework, Ionic is HTML5 Sdk helps us to create hybrid mobile apps using web technologies such as a Html 5,Css(Sass),Javascript, Gulp and Angular. Ionic apps looks like a native apps with rich components library. You can check components list here. One of the best things of Ionic Framework is using Angular.js , if you are already using Angular in your web projects you can use same codes in your mobile app directly.

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